Where I've Been

Where I've been:


I've spent my career thus far working on passionate teams and fine-tuning my skills. Each project has sharpened my talent for branding through compelling copy and visual imagery.


Here are some highlights from the past few years:

  • Joined the creative team at Hanna Andersson as a digital copywriter and was promoted to head brand writer a few months later. I write and oversee Hanna's storytelling across all channels, partnering with the Creative Director to develop the brand voice. Responsible for high-concept campaign brainstorming and subsequently writing all supporting content.

  • Began organizing with Sunrise Movement PDX, a local chapter of the national youth-led climate action organization. I co-facilitate the Green New Deal team, manage media outreach and press relations, and oversee our social media strategy and content creation. I do all of this on a volunteer basis in my free time. It’s been an honor to be a part of such an exciting movement led by young people fighting for a livable future!

  • Spearheaded Warby Parker's Portland brand presence, developing high-performing content which regularly received 2,000–4,000 likes and 50–80 comments on Instagram. Covered exciting events from conception to execution and worked as PR liaison for the Portland Warby Parker "Do Good Arcade." 

  • Developed multiple content series for Adobe's Project1324, producing some of the account’s highest performing features. One series received over 5,000 likes, 470 shares, and 60 comments on Facebook alone.

  • Wrote daily articles and essays for BUST Magazine and Juxtapoz, dissecting cultural happenings and interviewing major art world players.

  • Featured on Instagram's own premiere LGBTQ channel "#VisibleMe" as a relevant LGBTQ artist and influencer. #VisibleMe was covered by the Huffington Post and Teen Vogue, and became a finalist in the Shorty Awards for Instagram of the Year.

Additional volunteer and organizing experience:

  • Organized the Portland leg of Sunrise Movement’s national Green New Deal town hall tour while also spearheading communications efforts and media outreach. Participated in a three-week national leadership training.

  • Organized and hosted a phone banking event in October 2018 to help disenfranchised voters understand their ballots and gain access to resources such as translation and other accommodations.

  • Participated in a three-day intensive workshop with Community360, a Kansas City based nonprofit that equipped youth organizers with anti-oppression workshops and tools.

  • Frequently provided support & advocacy-based education for LGBTQ+ peers as a member of the community. Revived and led my university’s Queer Union, fostering a safe space for LGBTQ+ students. Advocated for gender neutral restrooms and cultural sensitivity training of all faculty and staff.


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“I was extremely impressed with [Maddie’s] ability to concept and deliver content that was eye-catching and always perfectly on brand... Maddie is a true team player, a really hard worker, and a creative talent. I think she’ll make an amazing addition to any team.”
— Xavier Roberts, Brand Marketing Specialist at Warby Parker
Maddie has excelled in creating cohesive brand experiences. She is a talented content creator who has established a high standard of voice and messaging for all digital content as well as improved processes to support tight deadlines. Maddie is intelligent, kind, assertive and accountable. Any project manager knows it’s a breath of fresh air when someone truly partners with you to find that sweet spot between making tight deadlines and producing exceptional creative assets.
— Vanessa Mortinson, Project Manager at Hanna Andersson
Maddie is always a pleasure to work and collaborate with. Her skillset in both writing and photography make her a strong storyteller whether she’s creating the assets herself, or piecing them together. She’s full of amazing brand ideas and has been a life saver when we’re in a pinch for a quick and clever idea for social media or other digital marketing channels!
— Tayler Worrell, Social Media at barre3
“Maddie is a gifted storyteller, producer, and researcher. After joining our team, she immediately started identifying content opportunities and generating content for our clients.

She’s a pleasure to work with, adept at collaborating across teams, fast to seize opportunities, and not afraid to ask the questions necessary to ensure her work exceeds client expectations. Maddie’s years as a professional photographer segued naturally into producing for social media, and our content is richer thanks to her contributions.”
— Christopher Fleener, Account Director at Laundry Service
I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with Maddie at Hanna Andersson where she has excelled in creating cohesive brand experiences for the company. She is a talented content creator who not only came into Hanna and learned quickly the brand voice but brought new ideas both around content and process. Maddie is intelligent, assertive yet respectful and always accountable. She works quickly, efficiently and always meets (tight) deadlines.
Maddie was hired to craft and edit all written content for HannaAndersson.com, as well as create messaging for multiple emails sent weekly, so you have an idea of her work load. I was pleasantly surprised, when I needed additional help on social media during the holidays that she volunteered to help me out nights and weekends.
— Louanne Wach, Director of Marketing at Hanna Andersson

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